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Bio-Res™ powder and pellets are created when distillers grain undergoes our unique proprietary process.  This new “filler or additive” can replace a portion of the traditional oil-based resins while maintaining or enhancing the desired characteristics of final products. 

We don't make the plastic. We make the plastic "GREENER."

Bio-Res™ powder and pellets, environmentally friendly products made from distillers grain, can be blended with thermoplastics and thermosets in a variety of manufacturing applications.  These new and innovative products replace a portion of traditional petroleum-based resins at inclusion rates up to 40% in final products, thereby cost-effectively raising the renewable or "green" content of plastic products and reducing crude oil consumption and dependency.

The initial feedstock for producing Bio-Res™ powder and pellets is distillers grain, a non-toxic by product of corn ethanol production. Distillers grain, a renewable and biodegradable resource, is readily available for production of Bio-Res™ pellets and powder.

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