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Bio-Res™ Sustainability

Environmentally-conscientious consumers can relate to the attributes of Bio-Res™ products that truly contribute to improving our global environment.

  • Bio-Res™ products are derived from renewable feedstock.
  • Bio-Res™ products do not use toxic compounds during production.
  • Bio-Res™ products sequester carbon dioxide.
  • Bio-Res™ products can replace a portion of traditional oil-based resins.

We don't make the plastic. 
We make the plastic "GREENER".

The following Bio-Res™ powder and pellet attributes further strengthen the product's market this new and innovative product's market position:

Bio-Res™ powder or pellets utilize distillers grains, a renewable resource, that is readily available.

Bio-Res™ powder or pellets are suited for large production volumes as it is derived from a renewable feedstock that is consistently and readily available.

During its life-cycle, Bio-Res™ powder or pellets sequester the carbon originally absorbed by the biomass, and if at the end of that life-cycle it is incinerated, it emits no more carbon than what the plants originally absorbed; thereby being carbon neutral.

Bio-Res™ powder or pellet pricing is not dependent on the price of crude oil.  The initial feedstock, distillers grains, is the by-product of biofuels production process, meaning its use further supports and strengthens the efforts to reduce the consumption of fossil-based energy sources.

Bio-Res™ powder or pellets replace a portion of the traditional resin in some applications, thereby further reducing crude oil consumption.

There are no toxic compounds used in the production of Bio-Res™ powder or pellets.

Bio-Res™ powder and pellets are easy to store and transport.


  • Laurel BioComposite, LLC has earned the USDA Certified Biobased Product Label for its Bio-Res™ PLA, Bio-Res™ PE and Bio-Res™ Powder. The USDA Certified Biobased Product Label verifies that the products amount of renewable biobased ingredients meets or exceeds levels set by the USDA. Biobased products are finished or intermediate materials composed in whole or in significant part of agricultural, forestry or marine ingredients.
  • In addition to the USDA Bio-Preferred certification, Bio-Res™ PLA has received the BPI Compostability Certification making it compostable in industrial compost piles.