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  • WE ARE...innovative.
  • WE ARE...fair in our dealings with customers, employees, and suppliers.
  • WE ARE...a reliable supplier.
  • WE ARE...known for our integrity.

We don't make the plastic.  We make the plastic "GREENER."


Laurel BioComposite is committed to developing and manufacturing unique products that meet customer requirements and enhancing customer satisfaction through continual improvement of its products, services and quality management system.

Our Business 'IS' Your Business


Laurel BioComposite, LLC is a Nebraska company that formed in 2007.  The Company's headquarters and first production facility is located in Laurel, NE within the community's industrial park. 

Laurel BioComposite, LLC manufactures Bio-Res™ powder and pellets, environmentally friendly products made from distillers grain, that can be blended with thermoplastics and thermosets in a variety of manufacturing applications.   The new and unique product replaces a portion of traditional petroleum-based resins at inclusion rates up to 40% in final products, thereby cost-effectively raising the renewable or "green" content of plastic products and reducing crude oil consumption and dependency.


  • Laurel BioComposite, LLC is an innovative, value added supplier of Ag-based bio-products to the plastics industry.


  • We don't make the plastic.  We make the plastic "GREENER."


  • We will be fair in our dealing with customers, employees, and suppliers. 
  • Business will always be conducted with integrity.
  • We will be a reliable supplier.

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