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504 West Industrial Road - Laurel, Nebraska  68745

Previous Pilot Plant - Rural Coleridge, NE

Newly Constructed Manufacturing Facility -Laurel, NE


    2005 - Feasibility Study

     2007 - Formation of Laurel BioComposite, LLC

     2010 - Established Lab

     2011 - Pilot Plant(Rural Coleridge, NE)

     2012 - First Patent Application Filed
                  Exhibited at NPE
                  Trade Trip To China
                   Ground Breaking on Production Plant (Laurel, NE)

     2013 - Phase I Complete

     2014 - Phase II Complete


Laurel BioComposite, LLC was formed in 2007 with the goal of utilizing locally produced, sustainable feedstocks to replace a portion of traditional plastics.  Pilot-scale testing of the concept was conducted in rural Coleridge while the full-scale facility in Laurel was under construction.

Laurel BioComposite, LLC recently moved into a newly constructed 20,000 square-foot manufacturing facility located within the industrial park in Laurel, Nebraska.  The company’s first production line was completed late in the Summer of 2013, with a capacity of 7 million pounds yearly.

Phase II construction was completed in July of 2014 with a second production line and bulk material handling put into place.  This brings the total annual capacity up to 48 million pounds.  The production lines convert distillers grains into Bio-Res powder or master batch pellets, which can be used for thermoset applications or thermoplastics applications, respectively.

Continued product development and innovation takes place at our lab in Eden Prairie, Minnesota. Custom formulations for various applications can be quickly compounded and tested.


Newly Constructed Manufacturing Facility - Laurel, NE

Previous Pilot Plant - Rural Coleridge, NE -