Laurel BioComposite Pilot Plant 2007


Laurel BioComposite LLC recently moved into a newly constructed manufacturing facility located within the industrial park in Laurel, Nebraska.  The company’s first production line is now operational, with a capacity of 7 million pounds yearly.

Phase I of the project to build a 20,000 square-foot manufacturing facility is now complete. The new production line is used to convert distillers grains into Bio-Res™ powder or master batch pellets, which can be used for thermoset applications or thermoplastics applications, respectively.

Phase II construction has been completed with a second production line and bulk material handling put into place.  This brings the total annual capacity up to 48 million pounds. Pilot-scale testing of the concept was conducted in rural Coleridge while the full-scale facility in Laurel was under construction.


Newly Constructed Manufacturing Facility - Laurel, NE

Previous Pilot Plant - Rural Coleridge, NE -

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